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The company is September 10, 1954 business since Tongxing Trade Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of that name Tongxing Industrial Weighing Instrument Co., Ltd., the English name for Baycat weighing industry SDN BHD. due to the company in 2009 registered trademark Baycat decided the company all weighing apparatus manufacture, retail and maintenance planning out independent operation. Import and wholesale is still responsible for the parent company. The company officially put into operation in May 4, 2009. The company has Wang Nengjian and Xia Jingling, holding shares of the 50000. Since the inception of the company has been in the area of sand and workers to Baycat brand into the market, and has more than 45 years in the middle of the sand to provide service locations. In recent years, is ready to attack the sand, has opened a branch in Kuching, headed by President Wang Nengxi's brother. In addition to purchase basic weighing, was also improved, making users more convenient and easier to use. Weighing more of their own unique design style. The company's annual sales of nearly 5000 units responsible for weighing, repair more than 25000 units of weighing, regardless of brand or type. The company has high-quality suppliers to provide quality products such as Japanese Tanita, CAS in South Korea, the United States and Switzerland joint venture Mettler Toledo and China foundry in the company of several international manufacturers.

Recently due to the progress of the times, all scales are beginning a computerized, to computer input of the network weighing apparatus system for documents and labels, bar code printing, wired and wireless broadband delivery. The company has provided.

Although the company set up time is very short, but the technology has been quite mature. The company also offers free weighing test, have a look whether users weighing weighing standard. MORE

Baycat TZ-150


Ruima RM-F1


Baycat ATS Price Computing Scale


Baycat TMX 25A (Platform TYPE)


Sarawakspice Measuring Can




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